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Do you know the fastest rally family in Finland?

Toivonen is one of the most legendary names when it comes to rally driving. Pauli “Tiger” Toivonen began his successful career in 1953. Pauli has numerous victories in European rallies, as well as the European Championship from 1968 and the victory of the Monte Carlo rally in 1966 has remained in the minds of rally fans. Henri Toivonen is remembered as a driver whose skills and will to win made him one of the fastest drivers. Henri and his co-driver Sergio Cresto died in an accident in Corsica in 1986 just when Henri was the fastest driver of all in the rally series. Harri Toivonen has also been successful in rally driving and on the track and he has raced dozens of different cars on gravel and asphalt. Toivonen's surname is synonymous with the term “Flying Finns”.

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